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Medicinal Chemistry

Taj can support your discovery chemistry needs at its Hyderabad, India, facility offering:

  • Small focused library synthesis to aid hit finding or hit expansion
  • Assay development- preparation of an in vitro biology assay (either biochemical or cell-based), based on the molecular target, therapeutic area, and throughput consideration (low-medium-high). Taj’s biologists then produce the recombinant molecular targets and provide purification and assay development services
  • HDAC and sirtuins
  • Epigenetic mrkers
  • Cell cycle regulators
  • Protein-protein interactions
  • Screening/hit finding - a low-to-medium throughput screening campaign is run, with necessary hits confirmed using secondary counter screening such as ELISA
  • Hit-to-lead/lead identification – expansion of different chemical classes by synthesizing close analogues/scaffold modifications. Possible selection of compound classes with suitable activity profile and ADME/tox properties (in silico/in vitro). Taj utilizes the following to aid in this process:
  • Ligand-based design
  • Structural-based design
  • Virtual screening
  • Lead optimization – refinement of compound class of choice including in vivo DMPK, toxicology and scale up consideration – fulfilling IND requirements


Chemistry support may be offered together with in vitro biology as a comprehensive “discovery package” including synthesis of analogues, SAR studies, assay development and in vitro screening.

Dramatically shortened timelines: the synthesized compounds are immediately tested by Taj's biology teams, and the results obtained drive the design and synthesis of a new compound set.

This lead optimization can be further expanded by integrating with early DMPK studies at Taj’s preclinical facilities, together with preformulation and formulation studies within our pharmaceutical sciences business. Additionally, SSCI's unprecedented expertise in polymorph, salt screening, co-crystal selection, or amorphous dispersions to overcome inherent solubility/dissolution issues could potentially aid in selecting your best candidate.


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