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Herbal / Botanical / Nutraceutical / Cosmeceuticals / Floral products extract and Standardized Extracts and Phytonutrients

Natural, pure and consistent herbal extract

The Phytonutrients and Standardized Herbal extracts meets the growing needs of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, ayurvedic and food industries. Aqueous and alcohol extracts of herbs are processed to specific strengths and supplied in the form of thick pastes or powders to customers’ specifications. We also undertake customized extraction on confidential contract basis. We ensures optimum measures in maintaining quality in all operations of manufacturing to afford standardized herbal extracts. Herbs are botanically tested for authenticity and adulteration.

Standardized Herbal extracts are enriched with Bio active molecules control the Bio-Burden by removing the base material thus promoting its safe use, assure consistent quality, reduce bulk of the crude, facilitates convenient dosage forms with better self life.

Qualified herbs are processed employing nature friendly extraction techniques. All extracts are screened for their quality employing physico-chemical testing methods. Assay of active principles are carried out using HPLC and HPTLC techniques. Standard reference active principles are used for assaying the percentage content of active principles in our extracts. Extracts so obtained are suitably blended with excipients such as starch, lactose or dicalcium phosphate. These affords extracts of desired strength suitable for formulating into finished dosage form.

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