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Private Label manufacturing of Ayurvedic formulation, Nutrition and Dietary supplements with consultancy services

Private Label manufacturing and Consultancy Services :

Tajapi has forge strategic alliances with well-established and reputed Private Label manufacturers, which have resulted in increased business from the American, and European markets. The Pioneer associated companies is a member of the International Private Label Manufacturers Association, and is geared up for global infrastructure and customer service in anticipation of large volume increases from international Private Label business. This unique process ensures that the products you buy are scientifically manufactured using the latest technology whilst retaining all the important natural ingredients. Every ingredient is screened by qualified Botanists and subjected to Botanical and Chemical analysisOur production unit is fully equipped with state of the art machinery allowing an almost limitless production capacity for the manufacture of tablets, capsules, liquids and syrups, powders, oils and ointments.
Private Label Products
Acai Berry Acia Berry Hair Skin Nail
Alpha Lipoic Acid 100 Hoodia Diet Extra Tabs
Androstendione Gel Herbal V Max
Antioxidants Hyaluronic Acid Antiaging Skin Care Serum
B-12 1000 Isoflavones 750
B-Complex Liquid Calcium Magnesium Plus (with Vitamin D)
B-Complex with Vitamin C Low Carb Multivitamin
Beta Carotene Luetin
Biotin 1000 Lycopene
Body Slender MSM 750
Brain Food NHX Maxa-Lotion for Men
Breast Enhancement Cream Maximizer
Breast Enhancement Pills Mega B 500
CLA 1000mg Men's Enlargement Formula
Calcium 600 Men's Health
Calcium 600 with D Mensoy Plus
Calcium/Magnesium Mood Aid Formula
Carbohydrate Blocker Natural Progesterone Cream
Celadrin NO2 Plus
Children's Health Noni
Cellulite Formula Omega 3
Co Q10 Organic Flaxseed Oil
Coral Calcium Prenatal Vitamin
Coral Calcium Powder Relora
Corta Trim and Tone Saw Palmetto 320
Diet Pills - Energy Selenium 100mcg
Diet Package Single Ingredient Products
Digestion Products Skin Care
Evening Primrose Oil Speciality Products
Essential Oil Plus Sports Nutrition
Ester C Chewable Vitamin C Green Food Plus
Folic Acid 800 Woman's Health
Ginkgo Biloba Woman's Skin Care
Glucosamine  500/400 Women's Vi-Sensity
Glucosamine Extra Strength Women's Vrx
Green Food Supplements  
HGH & HGH Spray  

Extraction Technology for Spices, Herbs, Essential Oils, Vegetable Oils and Natural Products

Tajapi has forge strategic alliances with well experience and established companies having expertise in Extraction Technology for Spices, Herbs, Essential oils, Vegetable oils and Natural products.

We are in business for more than a decade and we have experience in every aspect of this technology. We can provide consultancy, contract manufacturing and turnkey project as per your requirements.

Our plant having proven design is simple, robust, operator friendly flexible for easy change over of the process material and with inbuilt safety features. The extractor is horizontal in construction a concept with universal acceptance, infect most of the extraction plants working through out the world have adopted horizontal design of extractor. The extractor works on counter current, moving bed principal with variable bed height and variable speed mechanism permitting excellent penetration and percolation of solvent for absolute extraction. The low speed of extractor conveyor ensures almost no maintenance. Distillation takes place under vacuum and desolventising of meal is done in liberally designed desolventiser Toaster. For solvent recovery adequate capacity condensors and vent air stripping system is provided.

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